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Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Actual Analytics is a leading provider of behaviour analysis solutions for scientific studies. We are committed to creating high quality, accurate, and easy-to-use solutions that our customers can depend upon.

We have a team of Computer Vision, Data, Software, and Behavioural Scientists who are among the best of their generation. Together, they have delivered some of the most exciting products in decades.

Actual Analytics is partnered with world-class research facilities and animal research companies in the world.


The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of Animals in Research works to increase knowledge of the 3Rs in preclinical work and beyond. The NC3Rs worked with Actual Analytics to ensure ActualHCA was as effective as possible in making 3Rs compliance straightforward for contract research organisations and other bodies.

AstraZeneca is a multinational pharmaceutical company that also works in the biologics field. After setting the original CRACK IT challenge, AstraZeneca has taken an active role in the development of ActualHCA. Not only do they offer intellectual input, they also have a team assigned to annotating video and “training” the behaviour recognition software.

The Medical Research Council Harwell is at the forefront of mouse genetic research. It works to investigate various areas of mouse genetics as part of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC). The Centre was one of the sponsors of the Rodent Big Brother project, and collaborated with Actual Analytics in developing the best possible home cage environment.

Founded in 1582, the University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world and has some extraordinary alumni, including Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell. Actual Analytics is currently headquartered in the University, which collaborated on the Rodent Big Brother project.


Scotland’s second-oldest university is in the top 30 of the REF league table and has research partnerships with academic bodies and organisations across the world. It also has some notable alumni, including John Logie Baird and David Livingstone. The University of Strathclyde worked on the CRACK IT project in partnership with AstraZeneca and Actual Analytics.