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Fly Analysis

Analysing Fly activity using Actual products is easy,
It is pre configured for all the above major experiment paradigms and is configureable for new ones

A Fly (or flies/larvae) in the test chamber is (are) monitored with a video camera mounted above or to the side of the experimental chamber, and is connected to a computer to record a video file.

What you can analyse during Fly tests using ActualTrack™

  • Locomotor results: Distance travelled (cm), Average Speed (cm / s), Locomotor results for each zone defined for the test arena. Heading trajectory.
  • Courtship Index (CI) - total duration courting, number of bouts, average bout duration
  • Zone results based on Fly location within defined regions within the test arena: Time spent in each zone [s], Time spent in each zone [%], Latency to each first zone entry [s], Number of visits to each zone [n], Number of visits to each zone [%], First zone visited, Zone transitions & timings, Average time spent per visit to each zone, Heading trajectory
  • Visualisations: Birds nest plot, heat map
  • Manual Scoring functionality allows for integrated manual coding user defined behaviors
  • All results are calculated automatically and provided in an easy to use CSV format which can be imported in to most statistical analysis packages for further investigation and graphical representation

If you are interested in other aspects of fly behavior, get in touch to find out if we can help.