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ActualTrack™ is an easy-to-use, affordable tool for automatically tracking the movement of lab animals on video. It is designed for use straight out of the box with rodents, drosophila, and zebrafish.

ActualTrack™ provides accurate, consistent results with detailed locomotor and zonal statistical output available in both Microsoft Excel™ and .csv formats.

The software is designed for common behavioural paradigms, including: Water Maze, Plus Maze, Open Field, Novel Object, and X/Y/O Maze with easily defined zone entry and exit criteria.

Simple Configuration for Three Point or Centre Tracking

ActualTrack™ provides accurate locomotor and zonal statistics with easy setup and flexible zone selection. It supports multiple trials in the same video; these can be viewed side by side and/or one after another.

Playback of Tracking Results as They are Generated

Experiments can be filmed in any common video format. Researchers can then use our easy-upload screens to line up any number of videos while the upload runs in the background.

Detailed Results in Microsoft Excel™ and .csv Formats

These results offer a detailed layout of all the trials in any one experiment, combined. It is possible to access detailed locomotor and zonal statistics, including: distances, times, zone entries and exits, velocities, and latencies in real-world SI units. In addition to this information the software also stores the raw data for further analysis. Results are integrated with configurable manual scoring that allows for the analysis of behaviour using a subject’s position, offering the most detailed analysis of lab animal behaviour available.