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Charles River Implements the ActualHCA System

Charles River Laboratories

We are delighted to announce that Charles River Laboratories, one of the world’s premier CROs, has adopted the ActualHCA system.

Charles River was established in 1947 by a young veterinarian named Dr Henry Foster. Looking out over the Charles River (no prizes for guessing where the company name came from), the facility worked with local researchers and raised laboratory animals for sale to various clients in the area.

After 60-plus years, Charles River is now an international corporation with over 7500 employees in 14 countries. The company provides equipment and outsourced services for a range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Charles River have led the way in animal research, pre-clinical, and clinical testing for a long time.

The fact that Charles River has implemented the ActualHCA system is great news, for a number of reasons. Having our technology used by a company with such diverse research interests affords us the opportunity to better see how home cage analysis performs under a range of different circumstances. We will be working with Charles River on an ongoing basis to help them make the most of the system.

As the good people at Charles River have pointed out, rodent activity can be very different under observation. This impedes research in a number of ways by making it difficult to identify and study behaviours. The ActualHCA system offers the researchers at Charles River the opportunity to identify and quantify behaviours and traits that would, under normal testing circumstances, be easy to miss.

Another advantage of using the ActualHCA is the boost it offers to 3Rs compliance. The system uses fewer rodents than traditional technologies while simultaneously generating more data, so it falls under the Reduction and Refinement criteria effortlessly. Using the ActualHCA will also address the need for statistically robust results by providing rich data on every rodent without using invasive testing methods.

To learn more about Charles River, visit their home page. For more information on the ActualHCA, visit our product page or contact us here.