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What Is The ActualHCA Mouse Desktop?

The ActualHCA Mouse Desktop configuration offers the user a flexible approach to home cage monitoring. The system is deployed on a smaller footprint, 18 RFID antennae within the system baseplate ensure activity and behavioural data is highly granular.

This configuration allows you to implement home cage behavioural analysis as a stand-alone unit within your research lab. The system's capabilities are unaffected, delivering automated analysis of discrete behaviours, body temperature and locomotor activity.


  • Multiple data levels reported for each individual animal

  • Highly deployable benchtop design

  • Uniquely calibrated to the standard mouse home cage

  • Remotely accessible 

  • 24/7 analysis 

  • Integrated acrylic lighting backdrop ensures video consistency 

Our Products

  • ActualHCA Mouse Desktop

  • ActualHCA Mouse Rack Installed

  • ActualHCA Rat Desktop

  • ActualHCA Rat Rack Installed


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The Actual Analytics Home Cage Analyser (HCA) offers a universal solution providing automatic round the clock monitoring of socially grouped animals. 

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