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What Is The ActualHCA Rat Rack Installed?

The ActualHCA Rat Rack installed system is a scalable and universal solution. We fit our systems into your existing racks but the cage, IVC and all other components are unchanged. Home cage monitoring with ActualHCA is simple, and does not require a costly infrastructure overhaul in your facility.

The ActualHCA Rat Rack system is compatible with a range of popular Tecniplast and Allentown racks. However, others are available on request.


  • Multiple data levels reported for each individual animal

  • Capture temperature data for each individual animal

  • Uniquely calibrated to the size of standard rat home cage

  • Highly universal design, install multiple units per rack

  • Remotely accessible

  • Integrated acrylic lighting backdrop ensures video consistency

  • 24/7 analysis

Our Products

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  • ActualHCA Mouse Rack Installed

  • ActualHCA Rat Desktop

  • ActualHCA Rat Rack Installed


For more information on our products or if you want to book a demo, please contact us

The Actual Analytics Home Cage Analyser (HCA) offers a universal solution providing automatic round the clock monitoring of socially grouped animals. 

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