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Below are a list of frequently asked questions, if you have a specific question that does not appear here please contact us.

  • How long will the system run for?
    As long as is needed. Our systems capture data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring you never miss key events
  • Is the system different for mice and rats?
    Yes. Mice and rats obviously differ in size, as do their cages, so our systems are calibrated accordingly. Different baseplates are required for each species and in the case of mice smaller RFID chips may be used (subject to system setup) however only the Biomark Biotherm 13 will provide temperature data.
  • What, if any, are the size restrictions for the rodents? Is there a suggested body weight range to ensure proper tracking?"
    We have not come across any animals that are too large or small yet. Very young pups may be too small for the RFID tags.
  • Are there specific brands or types of IVC units it is designed for?
    Yes, we have working systems using Tecniplast Blue Line and Green Line and Allentown Type 2 cages. Others are available upon request.
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