What Is The Home Cage Analyser?

In the past, measuring most behaviours in rodents meant housing animals singly, in bespoke arenas. Analysis was limited to the designated hours of observation, meaning researchers obtained little more than artificial snapshots with activity and behaviour in social groups going entirely unobserved.

The Home Cage Analyser gathers data 24/7 in the least invasive way possible. The technology is a modular, scaleable and universal solution which can be installed in all animal facilities. 

Digitise Your Vivarium

ActualHCA provides automated analysis of discrete behaviours, body temperature and locomotor activity, tagged to each individual animal within their normal social group. Isolation of individual animals is no longer needed to collect rich behavioural data.


Monitoring rodents in this non-invasive manner, produces highly reproducible and robust data for a wide range of scientific applications.

Home Cage Analyser Features

Socially Grouped Animals

24/7 Analysis



Multiple Data Levels

3RS Benefits

Live Alert System

Remote Access

Multiple Applications 

How Does It Work?
Our Products
  • ActualHCA Mouse Desktop

  • ActualHCA Mouse Rack Installed

  • ActualHCA Rat Desktop

  • ActualHCA Rat Rack Installed


How long will the system run for?

As long as is needed. Our systems capture data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring you never miss key events.

How many rodents can be tested in one cage?

Three is optimal to achieve highly accurate identification and tracking. Four or more rodents is possible, however as numbers increase there will be more events where the video is occluded.

Is the system different for mice and rats?

Yes. Mice and rats obviously differ in size, as do their cages, so our systems are calibrated accordingly. Different baseplates are required for each species.


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The Actual Analytics Home Cage Analyser (HCA) offers a universal solution providing automatic round the clock monitoring of socially grouped animals. 

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