The Actual Home Cage Analysis system represents the newest and most exciting technology out there in the field of in vivo testing on mice and rats. ActualHCA is the only product that allows for the non-invasive gathering of data 24/7 alongside automated analysis of the behaviours displayed by group-housed rodents. Throughout the entire process, identity is retained and data is constantly analysed and stored.

Due to their value in the drug discovery arena, Actual Analytics systems have been implemented by a number of CROs, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. All of these bodies are generating more exciting data than ever before, at a level of richness that was previously unattainable even using best practice techniques. In addition to generating richer data, ActualHCA offers a considerable improvement in rodent welfare and 3Rs compliance.


ActualTrack™ is an easy-to-use, affordable tool that automatically tracks, recognises, and analyses the movement of lab animals from video. It is designed for use with rodents, drosophila, and zebrafish. Validated by behavioural neuroscientists, ActualTrack™ is specifically designed to save on time and resources. The software runs on any platform, so there is no need for software locks or dongles. It is also highly mobile, allowing researchers to work from the lab, their offices, or even their homes.

ActualTrack™ analyses all standard video formats from any standard camera source, so no special hardware is required. The process is simple: import video of an experiment, define the parameters, and click to run the analysis. ActualTrack™ offers accurate, consistent results with detailed locomotor and zonal statistical output.