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Join us in Montreal!

We are delighted to announce Dr Ajeesh Cherian (GSK) will present the results of a collaborative study between Actual Analytics, AstraZeneca, Charles River Laboratories, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and NC3Rs (UK). The aim of this collaborative work was to assess the potential of rodent home cage monitoring, using a few key parameters (activity, rearing and body temperature), to predict risk over traditional FOB/Irwin tests. Three compounds (GSK, JnJ and AZ), for which findings have previously been reported in FOB/Irwin and clinically (GSK and AZ), were tested using the home cage monitoring system.

The results of this study will be presented in a poster and short talk at the meeting. Dr Rowland Sillito, Head of Data Science and Product Development at Actual Analytics will be in attendance!

If you are attending SPS 2022 please get in touch, we would be delighted to schedule a meeting with the team.

If you are interested in a copy of the poster after the meeting let us know.

See the full abstract here!

Conference Overview

The SPS Annual meeting will be an opportunity for researchers to come together for a weekend of cutting-edge science alongside networking opportunities with colleagues and business partners. Highlight sessions include:

​- Regulatory safety

- CNS and Abuse Liability

- Safety and efficacy in cancer treatment

- Advanced Stem Cell Models

- Class I antiarrhythmics and cardiac conduction abnormalities: Beyond hERG and QT prolongation

- Current Status and Future Perspectives in AI-based Drug Assessment

- NHP Shortage and Phasing out of Animal use

​- Drug Safety in Children: Small Patients, Big Problems

- Voluntary surveillance of adverse drug events vs. mandatory surveillance in clinical practice

- Single vs. Repeat dose paradigm

- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

​- Has ICH done anything to improve the safety of pharmaceuticals?

- New Frontiers in Training in Safety Pharmacology

- De-risking Secondary Pharmacology Mediated Adverse Effects as a Path to Develop Safer Medicines

Rowland Sillito

Dr Rowland Sillito

Rowland Sillito joined Actual Analytics at its inception, after receiving his PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Edinburgh, where he developed methods for constructing statistical models of human behaviour from motion trajectory data. This research, along with his background in Neuroinformatics (MSc Edinburgh 2004) and Mathematics (BSc Sussex 2003), laid useful foundations for his work at Actual, which has spanned everything from algorithm development and software engineering to product design and customer engagement. His abiding interest is in the extraction of reliable signals from large, complex datasets. Working to harness the huge inherent potential of ActualHCA data, he is responsible for developing our growing portfolio of digital biomarkers, and is also heavily involved in guiding the development of our product as a whole.

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