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Register now! We are excited to announce Patrick Sweeney will be presenting the latest updates from Actual Analytics Home Cage Analyser technology at the upcoming 'Digital Implementation: Barriers and challenges in preclinical and clinical field - virtual conference'. This exciting two day virtual conference will feature expert speakers working across the digitalisation of pre clinical and clinical science.

Pat will kick off day two of the conference (Wednesday 30th June) at 14:00 (CEST time).

Conference topics:

  • Applications of innovative technologies

  • Benefits for efficiency and animal welfare

  • How digital technologies might improve collection of scientific results

  • From the lab to the patient bed: barriers and results in medicine

  • How to design, implement and support an IT infrastructure in a complex research context

  • New skills and training for personnel using digital technologies

Patrick Sweeney

Pat joined Actual Analytics in 2017, bringing a wealth of industry experience to the team. Pat is a specialist in translational and comparative medicine, with a specific focus on preclinical modelling of CNS and neuromuscular diseases. Don't miss his presentation titled 'Home Cage Analysis for Monitoring of Rodent Behaviours in a Group-Housed Environment.'

Conference Overview

Nowadays we are immersed in a digitized world; we can no longer live without smart phones and smart TVs, our homes and even cars have many automated functions, we are used to working remotely.

But how many of these digitized technologies have been incorporated into the activities of an animal facility? And in the human clinic? What are the advantages of automatically collecting data from animals, or controlling the environmental conditions in which they are placed? How can these technologies be applied in preclinical and clinical research and what are the limits and possible barriers?

These are some of the questions that the FGB conference intends to answer, with lectures by expert speakers in the various fields in which digital technologies are applied.



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